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New Features of Automotive Moulds

New Features of Automotive Moulds

Ⅰ. The development of automotive mould

In recent years, the rapid development of China's automobile industry has greatly promoted the development of the automotive mould industry. As automotive moulds are technical products and typically customized products, especially automobile panel molds have very high technical content. How to improve production efficiency, shorten the development cycle, improve the technical level of molds, and reduce production costs have always been difficult problems faced by mold companies.

Ⅱ. Some new features in the mold production process

1. Parallel management of production organization

At present, concurrent engineering is widely used in mold production organization. Generally, in the mold development process, technical preparation, production preparation, mold processing and debugging are implemented as parallel as possible, that is, production preparation, processing technology and CNC program design are parallel. The production plan must first arrange drawing and forming molds; secondly, flanging and shaping molds; then trimming and punching molds; and finally blanking and punching molds. Only in this way can we achieve balanced production and provide automotive mould samples to the car factory in advance.

2. CNC machining of real model

At present, all automotive mold makers have basically used the actual production process. Real-type CNC processing and production is through the process editing of the solid model (such as: processing allowance on the processing surface, layered editing of the model). Then it is completed through several processes such as CNC programming, foam blank blanking, CNC processing, manual bonding and trimming. As a result, the actual production staff has been transformed from manual production to a large number of CNC programming. The simple manual bonding and trimming work on site is performed by temporary workers. The actual CNC production directly improves the accuracy of the castings and brings great advantages to the subsequent fine processing.

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