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Insert Molding Connectors
Insert Molding Connectors
  • Insert Molding Connectors

Mould Name: Plastic Insert Molding

Product Description: Diode Arrays Plastic Injection Mold

Part Material: PA + Glassfiber

Tolerance: +-0.01mm

Mould Cavity: 4 Cavities

Suitable Injection Machine: 90 tons

Mould Cavity Steel: S7

Injection System: Point gate on the parts

Mould Cycle Time:22’s

Mould Life Cycle:1,000,000 shots  

Brand: OEM customized plastic injection mold

Mould Features: Insert molding connectors

Customer: From Mexico

Delivery/Lead Time:30 working days

Insert Molding refers to the process of placing embedded parts into a mold for plastic injection molding. The embedded parts can be plastic or metal. Our products, are mainly metal embedded plastic parts.

Metal embedded plastic parts have advantages such as sealing, ultra-thin, and sturdy, while also having relatively high costs. For insert molding, HanKing has unique insights that enable them to perfectly solve the problem of metal inserts and plastic parts bonding. We can control the product parting line to 0.01mm to ensure that the product fully meets the customer's requirements. 

Strength and equipments in HanKing Mould

CNC machine centerFanuc5 sets, tolerance 0.01mm
EDM machine centerSodick5 sets, tolerance 0.005mm
Slow wire-cut machine
Sodick3 sets, toterance 0.005mm
Grinding machineOkamoto, Hyfair4 sets, Ø0.2/10mm
Milling machineHyfair3 sets, 0.05mm
Hardness gaugeHRHR-150A
2D measuring instrument
Easson2 sets, 0.002mm
3D measuring instrumentZeiss
1 sets, 0.002mm
Injection molding machineHaitian, Izumi, JSW17 sets, with robots

Injection molded products capabilities of HanKing Mould

Plastic parts with complex inner structure, ribs, undercuts, hooks, buckles, bosses.

Large injection molded parts, in HanKing Mould, the biggest machine is 1600 tons, is able to produce 8kg plastic parts.

Automotive plastic injection mould, we have TS16949 certificate and rich experience of automobile plastic injection parts.

Electronic plastic parts, for many years, we have been continuously making molds of plastic electronic housings, project boxes, electronic insert molding connectors, battery enclosure plastic injection mold. 

Appliance injection molding, in the past, we have produced molds and plastic parts for these products, coffee machine, grinder, water heater, field mower, service robot, air blower, wahsing machine, air-conditioning plastic injection molded parts, also some appliance need insert molding connectors.


Plates and Mold Base Components: ± 0.013 mm (± 0.0005 in)

Cavity components: ± 0.005 mm (± 0.0002 in)

We provide free mold making structure analysis for customers, contact HanKing Mould right away, 24 hours we can send feedback.

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