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Home Appliance Mold

Part function:  Plastic funnel for coffee machine

Part Standard according to ISO 11496

Surface: SPI B-2, line polished

Flammability classification: UL-94 HB

Part material: PP

Shrinkage: 1.25%

Cavity steel:  ASSAB 8407

We are a plastic mould manufacturer in China that serve global clients. As a high-quality custom injection mold maker and plastic injection mould companies, we always welcome new customers sending new moulds inquiry to us.

This plastic part is a functional component from the coffee machine, it’s function is water funnel, the critical dimension is the connection area with water tank, the project is developed for home appliance section client in Europe, high requirements for dimension and deformation, so the cooling even is so important. And customer requires short cycle time, thus an excellent ejection system is necessary.

Our certified quality management, including the quality standards for medical devices, automotive-related products and environmental protection.

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