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ABS Plastic Injection Moulding
ABS Plastic Injection Moulding
  • ABS Plastic Injection Moulding

Customized ABS Plastic Injection Molding Products

Customized ABS plastic injection moulding cases for Electronics, Appliance, Instrumentation, Automotive parts.

Product: Home appliance plastic panel

Material: ABS plastic material

Color: ABS material is natural color; we can add master batch to produce all colors.

Injection mold life: 1,000,000 shots

Mold steel type: 1.2344

Mold making time: 4 weeks from design to first trial samples.

Surface: Will make texture after the first sample.

Price: US$6500

The tooling and product cost will depend on product size and structure.

Quote required: Please send 2D (pdf), 3D (step) design to us.

If do not have product design, then please send sample, we have professional engineer draw the design for you.

What is ABS plastic pellets?

ABS is a polymer formed by the copolymerization of three monomers: acrylonitrile acrylonitrile (23-41%), butadiene Butadiene (10-30%), and styrene Styrene (29-60%), collectively known as acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, abbreviated as ABS.

The main chain of ABS macromolecules is formed by repeated connections of three structural units (acrylonitrile, butadiene, and styrene).

Different structural units endow them with different performance:

Acrylonitrile: Good chemical corrosion resistance and high surface hardness

Butadiene: Good toughness

Styrene: Good transparency, coloring, electrical insulation, and processability

The combination of three monomers forms a tough, hard, and rigid ABS resin.

What are the types of ABS plastic injection moulding material?

There are various types of ABS plastic injection moulding material, including flame retardant and fireproof ABS, UV resistant ABS, high gloss ABS, high heat resistance ABS, automotive specific ABS, medical ABS, and transparent ABS.

We have compiled a list of tables for various ABS with different characteristics.

MaterialFeatureHardnessHeat DistortionFlammabilityApplication
ABS POLYLAC PA757 CHIMEIHigh gloss, medium impact11695UL-94 1.5mm HBShells for household appliances, cosmetics cases, office appliances
ABS POLYLAC PA758 CHIMEITransparent10796UL-94 1.6mm HBAir conditioning panels, washing machine covers, vacuum cleaner casings, 3C product casings, household appliances, stationery
ABS POLYLAC PA765A CHIMEIFlame retardant, High flow10185UL94 1.5mm V-1 2.5mm V-0 2.5mm 5VB 3.0mm 5VADisplays, machine boxes, modems, power panels, power outlets, car batteries, cash register shells, office equipment casings, home appliance shells, beauty equipment casing
ABS POLYLAC PA777D CHIMEIHeat resistant115113UL-94 1.5mm HBShells for heat producing household appliances, hair dryer tubes, iron casings, heaters, auto parts, water tank covers
ABS CYCOLAC HMG47MD SABICMedical grade, FDA compliant11294UL-94 1.5mm HBSurgical instruments, fluid and drug delivery components, oxygen and respiratory devices, and drainage and suction tools
ABS NOVODUR P2H-ATHigh gloss, contains antistatic additive11093UL-94 1.5mm HBWashing machine panel, kitchen & coffee machines, electrical switches, distribution boards, power sets and cosmetic compact
ABS CYCOLAC MG94U SABICHigh flow, UV stabilized ABS molding grade. For thin-wall applications.11395UL-94 1.5mm HBElectrical appliance
Electronic display
Automotive External Parts
Medical/nursing supplies

More information about ABS Plastic Injection Moulding, please refer to our page for ABS injection molding process guide.

ABS is a commonly used thermoplastic engineering plastic with good comprehensive properties and wide applications. Since year 2000, ABS has been classified as a category of general plastics, becoming the fifth largest variety of general plastics. It can be widely used in fields such as electronics, instruments, automotive manufacturing, office machinery, and daily products.

The core global manufacturers of ABS platic injection moulding resin include Qimei Chemical, PetroChina, Lotte Chemical, Ineos, Dongli, SABIC, JSR, LG Chemical, Formosa Plastics, Dagu Chemical, Jinhu Petroleum (KKPC), Huajin Chemical, PetroChina Shanghai Gaoqiao, Guoqiao Petrochemical, Jinhu Rili, and so on.

The biggest applications of ABS injection molding pellets are in the fields of automobiles, electronics, building materials, and DIY production. The use in the automotive field includes many components such as instrument panels, exterior panels, interior decorative panels, steering wheels, sound insulation panels, door locks, bumpers, ventilation ducts, etc. In terms of electrical appliances, it is widely used in electronic appliances such as refrigerators, televisions, washing machines, air conditioners, computers, copiers, etc. In terms of building materials, ABS pipes, ABS sanitary ware, and ABS decorative panels are widely used in the building materials industry. In terms of DIY, aircraft model wings, etc. In addition, ABS is widely used in packaging, furniture, sports and entertainment products, machinery and instrument industries.

In 2023, ABS production in China was concentrated and expanded. In the first quarter, a total of 2 million tons of new units were put into operation, including Shandong Lihuayi 400000 tons/year, Liaoning Jinfa 600000 tons/year, Petro China Jihua Jieyang 600000 tons/year, and Zhejiang Petrochemical 400000 tons/year. As of the first half of the year, the total production capacity of the ABS industry reached over 6.8 million tons, an increase of 1.45 million tons or 26% compared to the end of 2022.

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