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Medical Device Precision Mould
Medical Device Precision Mould
  • Medical Device Precision Mould
  • medical device precision mould 76-4b
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Medical Device Precision Mould 76-4

Mould Name: Medical Connector & Cap

Part Material: ABS 

Product Description: connector & cap

Mould Cavity: 4 cavities 

Mould Cavity Steel: 2344

Mould Injection System: Cold runner w/ side gate 

Mould Features: precision, short shot time

Features of medical device molds:

  1. the gate position and runner is very important to get very beautiful surface and appearance samples.

  2. mould structure is complicate, in order to meet the functional requirements of the plastic product.

  3. requires many complex lifters and sliders or double lifters & sliders to release undercuts.

  4. mould structure is required very stable, to ensure long term continuously mass production.

  5. many other plastic components are assembled into them, so dimensions control and warping is very important. 

  6. texture and polish is extremely important to get the perfect plastic parts, many parts are mirror finishing SPI A1.

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