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Plastic Injection Mold Making
Plastic Injection Mold Making
  • Plastic Injection Mold Making

Prodcut name: Plastic injection mold making

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China

Product Material: Plastic and Steel

Product: Various Products Plastic Injection Mold Making

Mould life: 100K to 1Million shots

Cavity number: 1 to 48 cavities

Plastic material: POM, ABS, PC, PP, PA, PBT, TPE, TPU, PPS, PVC, etc.

Mould material: 718H, 2344, S136, 8407, P20, S7, etc. 

Runner: Hot Runner / Cold Runner

Certification: ISO9001:2015

Mould base: HASCO, DME, LKM, etc.

Application: Plastic Injection Mold For Household, Automotive, Industrial, Appliance, Electrical, etc.

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