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Mold Making Procedure
Mold Making Procedure
  • Mold Making Procedure

Mold Making Procedure

Mold making procedure, the first step is mould drawing design, the 2D & 3D mould design should be confirmed by customer.

Customer send the plastic parts drawing. HanKing design tooling drawing according to part drawing. We send 2D mould design to customer for confirmation and start 3D mould design after 2D is approved. After mould design is confirmed, we will order materials, steel, components, mould core and cavity steel, mould base, normally it will take 1week to 3 weeks depends on the moulds structure. All mold making procedures are took place in house,

  1. CNC for steels, machining center, rough workmanship, is roughly carved out the mould shape.

  2. CNC engraving machining, electrically etch and engrave the steel to make texture on the mould by copper, it’s exquisite workman ship.

  3. EDM, that is Electrical Discharge Machining, also called EDM Spark or Sparking Machine.

  4. Making holes, cutouts with our milling machine, such as screw holes.

  5. Grinding the mould steel plate with grinding machine.

  6. Plastic mould fitting and assembly

  7. Mould trial

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