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injection mold tooling manufacturing
injection mold tooling manufacturing
  • injection mold tooling manufacturing

Product name: Injection mold tooling manufacturing

Plastic material: We are expert in many materials

Tolerance: 0.01-0.02mm

Surface finish: Any surface customers need

Color: You just give pantone number we make all colors.

Injection machine range: 60 ton to 1600 ton

Application: Automotive injection molding, electronic plastic case

Inspection: FAI, CPK, IQC, IPQC, OQC.

Place of Origin: Injection mold suppliers China

Lead time: Mold making 3-5 weeks, injection molding production 3-15 days depends on quantities

Certification: ISO9001:2015, IATF 16949

Injection Mold Tooling Manufacturing

Since it's establishment, we have been rooted in plastic injection mold manufacturing industry for more than 10 years. Our tooling molds and plastic products have been delivered to a lot of different countries. There are particularly excellent technicians and engineers in our factory, most of our tooling makers have been worked in our factory for a long time. One of our advantages is our many years working experiences with Europe and America customers, we will introduce our factory briefly via a short RFQ:

Are you trading company or factory?

We are factory, we can issue country of origin if you place order, we also have import and export license which means we can settle customs handle for all of your goods.

What kind of mold does your company make?

We make plastic injection molds, especially the moulds for complex plastic parts, precision plastic products molds.

Tolerance of our capability:

Mold base A/B plate: ±0.015mm

Plastic parts core and cavity: ±0.005mm

Our team has excellent experience to make beautiful two-color plastic parts, review other pages for more.

2K molds

Multi cavities mould

Insert molding

Is your company able to make all the mold manufacturing processes?

Yes, we have all the mechanical equipment needed for injection mold tooling manufacturing.

Grinding machine

Milling machine

CNC machine

EDM machine

Wire cut machine

How many injection molding machines are there in your factory?

In year 2023, we have 17 sets injection machines, tonnage is 60 ton to 1600 ton which can produce all of our plastic parts.

What quality control equipment does your company have?

Zeiss CMM, Projector, coating film thickness meter, salt mist tester, dust particle counter, color difference meter and other detection instruments and a series of physical and chemical test equipment.

How many staffs are there in your factory?

We have about 50 staffs at the moment, among them about 6 injection mold designers, 4 tooling project managers, 6 tooling engineers and programmers, 24 tooling makers, 3 QC, 6 office staffs.

How long does it take for your company to manufacture an injection mold tooling?

It depends on the complexity of the plastic product. Normally 3 weeks for a simple mold while 6 to 7 weeks for a complex mold.

What do you need to make injection mold tooling manufacturing offer?

If you have 3D plastic parts design drawing, please send to us, we will analysis whether the product is suitable to making mold and offer you the cost.

You can also send sample to us if you do not have part design, we are able to draw the plastic product design.

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