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Vehicle Switch Mold Tooling
Vehicle Switch Mold Tooling
  • Vehicle Switch Mold Tooling
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Vehicle Switch Mold Tooling

Mould Name: Switch Mould for car

Part Material: Dupont Zytel  

Product Description: Switch Piece

Mould Cavity: 8 Cavities Automotive Switch

Mould Cavity Steel: 2344 ESR

Mould Injection System: hot runner

Mould Ejection System: ejector pin 

Mould Cycle Time: 26's 

Mould Life Cycle: 1,500,000

Lead Time: 42 working days 

Mold export to: Mexico  

Mold Maker: HanKing Mould Engineering Ltd.

HanKing Mould is a one-stop service company that provides customers with product development, mold design and manufacturing, and injection molding. Our products are applied to automotive accessories, medical devices, home appliances, and general consumer electronics. Our team is composed of senior product structure designers, mold designers, mold manufacturers, professional product management personnel, etc. Our rich experience and advanced mechanical processing equipment provide high-quality quality assurance for product processing and manufacturing.

Due to our extensive experience in product structure design, while pursuing the production of high-quality products, we are better able to provide optimization suggestions to customers to achieve more competitive prices. HanKing precision mold can produce almost all plastic related injection products, from simple to complex, from sample to batch and other one-stop services.

Our mission: Take pride in products that meet or exceed customer expectations for quality, and provide customers with competitive prices and accurate delivery times!

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