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Plug Mold

Mould Name: Plastic Injection Wall Plug Mold 

Part Material: PBT GF15 

Product Size: 45.4*19.6*52.7mm 

Product Description: Plug CH version

Mould Cavity: 4 Cavities

Mould Size: 392*300*335 MM

Suitable Injection Machine: 90 ton

Mould Cavity Steel: ASSAB8407

Mould Injection System:  Cold runner film gate

Mould Ejection System: ejector Pin

Mould Cycle Time:  25's

Mould Life Cycle: 1,000,000  

Lead Time: 30 working days

Price: 3000-10000

Mould Features:  two cores

Plastic Injection Plug mold with two cores, high-quality plastic injection wall plug mold maker in China, HanKing had experience in different country plastic plug mould, US, Switzerland, Italy, Asia, Australia, etc..

We called this a plug mold, it is actually apart from the adapter charger, it is an insert molding, we will take the metal pin insert which will be put into the mould.

For this kind of mould, the parting line is not complicated but we still have to be confirmed by the customer. As an internal assembly part, the appearance is not particularly important, we can use a cold runner to save mould cost. And the part is not big and thick, so the film gate is suggested to use.

According to the part structure, we propose to have 4 sliders, each side two sliders.

  • Check sliders split line, inserts split line with customers.

  • Try to balance the position of insert pin.

  • Make even ejector system means ejector pin shape, dimension, positions balance.

It should be taken care of that if the sliders have draft angle along the slide moving direction, Draft angle analysis should be also checked for cavity and core side, normally the draft angle is no less than 1 degree.

When designers make wall thickness analysis, if the wall thickness is uneven, please inform the project manager, the project manager will discuss it with the customer if the sink mark is acceptable. However, even customers accept the sink mark, we should try to eliminate the sink mark as much as possible, the project manager should do the best and improving injection parameters to avoid sink mark problems during mold trials.

The part shape is irregular, it should be called thin strip shape, this kind of part is often bent after molding because a lack of plastic support, designers should thinking about solution on how to improve the cooling.


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