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Custom plastic injection molds
Plastic Injection Moulds

Custom plastic injection molds

Custom plastic injection molds

Trustworthy custom plastic injection molds manufacturer for injection molding plastic parts. Good price and high precision injection tooling to manufacture beautiful custom plastic molded parts. Professional design and engineering team, quickly quote feedback, on time production lead time, and the quality you need, the price you want.

Plastic Injection Molding Service Range

Plastic parts analysis

Mechanical design

Moldflow analysis at free

Prototype mold

Plastic injection mold making

Injection molding production for plastic parts

Painting, Printing, Assembly

Injection Mold Tolerance Is Key of Quality

Plates and Mold Base Components:± 0.013 mm (± 0.0005 in)

Cavity components: ± 0.005 mm (± 0.0002 in)

Custom Plastic Injection Molds for These Plastic Parts

Plastic automotive parts

Consumer electronics cases

Plastic electric connectors

Home appliance plastic parts

OEM medical plastic parts

Office equipment plastic components

Furniture plastic products

Agriculture plastic parts

Aerospace injection molded parts

Types of Injection Moulds

Before start calculate injection mould request, we will ask customer what's kind of mould you want to make, prototype mold or series production injection mold. The purpose of customer making prototype mold may be design validation, or low volume plastic parts. We can quickly make prototype mold about 2 weeks, and help customer to do tooling validation. We also make low volume plastic injection molding production service; our prototype mold can be produced 10000 to 50000 injection molded plastic parts.

Serious production plastic parts injection mold is able to produce large quantities plastic products. We put great attention to quality of production injection tooling, from steel material, pin components, and every machining process is tracking and records. Our serious production molds can be used to produce plastic parts for many years and after-sales service is guaranteed.

According to types of injection moulds, single cavity mold means there is only one cavity in the injection tooling. We make single cavity moulds when the production volume is not big.

Multi-cavity injection moulds are suitable to produce high volume plastic parts. The more cavities, the more parts produced by one injection molding production, it can maximize the production efficiency, thus reducing the unit cost of your project.

Two shot mold is an injection tooling in which two kinds of plastic materials are injected into the same injection molding machine in two times, but the product is produced only once. Generally, this molding process is also called 2K injection molding or double shot injection, which is usually completed by a set of molds and requires a special double-color injection molding machine. 

Some products need two shot mould for their functions, and some products need multiple colors for their appearance. We make two color injection moulds for our customers every year, our engineer team has rich experiences about how to make good quality 2K injection molding parts.

Overmolding moulds, similar as two shot molds but lower tooling cost. It will need two moulds, the hard plastic and the soft plastic are produced by two injection molding machines. After the hard plastic is injected, it is manually put into the soft plastic mold for injection. 

Insert molding, we can say insert molding is another type of overmolding, it molds the metal part and plastic together. There is vertical injection machine to produce insert molding parts for customers.

Injection Mold Tooling Manufacturing Process

Quote according to product design or sample

DFM (Design for Manufacturability)

Mold Flow Report

Plastic injection mold design

Mould test (mold trial)

Mold optimization

Injection mold validation procedure

plastic injection molding manufacturing

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