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Electronics Mould

Electronics Mould

With the improvement of people's consumption level, the demand for consumer electronics products continues to grow. Product upgrades accelerate, and the scale of the consumer electronics market continues to expand. Mold-related industries are developing rapidly.

HanKing Mould is a full-service leading injection mold manufacturer with a special focus on the design and manufacture of electronic moulds. We are located near Shenzhen Airport and have convenient transportation. When our customers visit us, they can quickly get to our company from the airport, and it is also convenient to deliver the moulds and parts, whether it is by air or sea.

Our experience in electronic moulds began at the beginning of the company's inception, and many years of manufacturing experience enabled us to ensure zero defect manufacturing through process control methods. With superior knowledge of electronic mould design, total quality management and certified manufacturing processes allow us to move quickly from design to production.

The scale of Shenzhen's electronic information industry continues to grow. The peripheral manufacturing industry of electronic products and the complete supporting of the mould industry make HANKING sustainable and better serve domestic and foreign customers.

Our vision is to be the most cost-effective molding solution provider to meet customer needs and achieve win-win results.

In the past years, we have manufactured many consumer electronics moulds, including various electronic equipment shell molds and internal parts molds, Such as remote control housing, plug plastic housing, electrical machine plastic cover, router housing, office appliances case, adapter charger housing mould, terminal block, mobile phone housing, terminal devices, computers products, household appliances plastic parts etc..

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