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Mold Manufacturing

Mold Manufacturing

With a full air-condition tooling shop possessing different machines and expertise, we can offer tools from small precise parts to middle-big complex automotive parts.


Tooling Technology:

  • Multi-Cavity 

  • 2K Molds 

  • Insert molding 

  • Over-molding 

  • Babyplas

  • Stack mold 

  • Unscrewing mold 

  • Silicon mold

  • Metal injection mold(MIM)

  • Gas-Assisted molding 

Our skillful workforce combines with the strict process and quality control secures our plastic molds at high-quality level, we provide not only moulds but also technical support, speed, efficiency & quality.


Plastic Injection Mould Making Process

The key point of high-quality injection molds & molding is: Great mold design, high-precision machining equipment, seasoned bench workers and a good management team. In HanKing Mould Shenzhen Songgang factory, we have them all. Our 45+ tooling engineers are very experienced in Europe Tooling Standard and American.

Precision Mould Making

Plastic Mould Fabrication Schedule

Injection Mould for Household Part

Steel and Component for Plastic Mould

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