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Injection Mold Manufacturing
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Injection Mold Manufacturing

Injection Mold Manufacturing

Injection Mold Manufacturing

An injection mold manufacturer provides injection molding process, plastic products, injection mold production, etc. according to different needs of customers.

Injection mold is used to produce plastic products, and plastic products can be seen everywhere in our lives. Almost all products need plastic parts. Some internal electronic components need plastic case protection, and some product shells are made of plastic. When your product is composed of many plastic parts, it is crucial to find a good injection mold manufacturing factory.

Perhaps you are most concerned about the mold cost. Since the equipment for injection mold manufacturing is very expensive, the cost of molds will not be very low.

The way to choose injection mold manufacturing factory

1. Manufacturers with complete testing standards and systems

With the increasing requirements of customers, the difficulty of mold manufacturing and processing is also increasing. In addition to the universal use of high-precision molds, mold manufacturers must also have a complete set of inspection standards and systems, otherwise they cannot guarantee the timely delivery and precision quality of molds. In today's fierce market competition, as well as the attitude of enterprises to keep improving their products, it is inevitable that customers have high requirements. Only by constantly updating technology can they not be eliminated by the army of the times.

2. The tooling making team has technical training

The older generation of mold technicians are experienced and skilled. HANKING MOULD attaches importance to the experienced technicians and core talents, we will conduct systematic training for the recruited technical workers.

3. Regular maintenance of injection molding machine and mold equipment

Mold and injection molding machine are relatively expensive. If the manufacturer has low awareness of equipment maintenance and does not have a complete equipment maintenance system process, in the long run, it is very common to encounter problems such as machine stoppage, mold failure and frequent mold repair in the workshop production process.

4. Injection Mold Manufacturing Cost

Professional mold manufacturers are excellent in cost control, some injection mold manufacturers waste human and material resources due to backward management and immature technology. They repeatedly test and modify the mold during processing, which wastes a lot of costs.

HANKING MOULD has many years of experience in mold design and manufacturing, and has done a very good job in both technical and management levels. The mold made in HANKING MOULD does not need repeated mold test, and can be put into production quickly, saving costs and time for customers.

Injection Mold Steel

The steel used for each part of the injection mold is different. The mold base is generally made of medium carbon steel 45 # or 50 #, and the fittings are heated by high carbon steel. The steel used for the mold core is made of alloy steel with complex composition, such as pre-hardening steel, heat treatment steel and mirror steel. The grades used in different countries are different, such as NAK80, 718, P20, H13, 2344, 2738, S136, 8407, etc.

Generally speaking, the quality of the mold is mainly different from the precision of the processing of the injection mold core and the repeated service life of the mold, which largely depends on the precision processing equipment and reasonable mold structure design. Of course, the injection mold manufacturing lead time is also a very important consideration. The mold manufacturing time is from 30 days to 90 days due to the complexity of the mold.

HanKing Mould has the advantages of low labor cost, short mold manufacturing lead time, excellent equipment, and can process high-precision parts, contact us for RFQ procedure, we can complete the quotation in 24 hours.

Injection Mold Structure

1. Cavity and Core insert

The part that gives the shape, structure and size of the molding material is usually composed of cavity and core insert, some injection molds will have sliders, lifters.

2. Gating system

It is the channel that leads the molten plastic from the nozzle of the injection machine to the closed mold cavity. It is usually composed of the main runner, the manifold, the gate and the cold well.

3. Guide system

In order to ensure the accurate alignment of the cavity and the core when they are closed, the guide system is set up to play a guiding and positioning role. It is composed of guide pin and guide bush. Some molds are also set up with guide parts on the ejector plate to ensure the smooth and reliable movement of the release mechanism.

4. Ejector system

There are many types of devices to realize the demoulding of plastic parts and gating system. The most commonly used demoulding mechanisms include ejector pin, stripper plate, return pin, spring, etc.

5. Core-pulling mechanism

For plastic parts with side holes, before being ejected and demoulded, the side core pulling or sliding block must be carried out first before the mold can be demoulded successfully.

6. Mold temperature control system

In order to meet the mold temperature requirements of injection molding process, it is necessary to have a mold temperature regulating system (such as cooling water, hot water, hot oil and electric heating system) to adjust the mold temperature.

7. Venting system

In order to discharge the gas in the mold cavity smoothly, an venting slot is often set at the parting surface of the injection mold, and the clearance between the ejector pin or other moving parts (such as slide blocks) of many molds can also play a role in exhaust.

8. Other structural parts

Parts make to meet the requirements of mold structure (such as fixed plate, A/B template, support pillar, support plate and connecting screw).

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