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Custom Plastic Parts Manufacturers
Custom Plastic Parts Manufacturers
  • Custom Plastic Parts Manufacturers

Product Type: Custom plastic parts

Production Material: PA, PC, ABS, POM etc.

No of Cavities: 1 cavity, 2 cavities and multi cavities

Mould Material: Steel 2344, S136, etc.

Shrinkage: 1.005

Surface: Finish, Matt, Texture

Type of gating: Banana gate, Point gate

Lead time: 4 weeks to 6 weeks

Tooling life: 500,000 or 1,000,000

Color: any color

What are Custom plastic parts manufacturers?

When it comes to Custom plastic parts manufacturers, it means the factory producing plastic products according to customer drawings, here we mean via injection molding.

There are usually two types of factories. One is only for injection molding, which needs to order molds from other factories, or the customer provides injection molds. The other is a factory that can both make injection molds and do plastic injection molding.

HanKing mould is such a factory that can both manufacture precision injection molds and produce plastic products, that is to say HanKing is a custom plastic parts manufacturer.

In 2020, HanKing passed ISO9001: 2015, and in 2021 obtained IATF 16949-2016 certificate.

HanKing Mould provide sophisticated machines, excellent designers, experienced technicians, project managers who are good at communication, serious and responsible quality engineers.

Contact HanKing, send RFQ, we can sign NDA and will keep your project information confidential.

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