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Plastic Mold Trial

Plastic Mold Trial

The Latest Mold Trial Machines And Equipment

In our mold trial workshop, we have 7 plastic injection molding machines with a clamping force ranging from 25 T–250 T. Among these 7 machines,  HanKing Moulds has a new vertical plastic injection molding machine(120T). Based on these plastic injection molding machines, we can provide professional mold trial and plastic injection molding services. These machines are focused on mold trials and small batch production.

Our workshop is equipped with material dehumidifying dryers, cooling controllers and hot runner controllers. All for better mould trail effects.

mold trial machines and equipment
mold trial simulating real manufacturing situation

Mold Trials Simulating Manufacturing Conditions Are Performed on Every Mold

Using the latest molding trial process and plastic injection molding machines, HanKing is capable to analyze every step of the plastic injection molding process to assist in debugging and qualifying the moulds.

Plastic Mold Trial Materials

We can process a variety of plastic mold trial materials, including advanced engineering materials with glass fibers (15-50%) like PPA, PPS, PSU, PA6, PA66, PBT, PEEK, LCP, GRIVORY, PET etc.. We also process PC, ABS, PC/ABS, ASA, PMMA, POM, PP etc. Enquiry us for your needs!

plastic mold trial materials

Plastic Injection Mold Parameter Record and Temperature Record Samples

Injection Parameter & Temperature Record

The above tow pictures show the plastic injection parameter records and plastic mold temperature records when HanKing Mould are making Mold Trial. Contact us to make your plastic molds!

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