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Injection Molding Electronics
Injection Molding Electronics
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Injection Molding Electronics

We are plastic injection mold factory, not trading company.

Part Material: most electronic housing use ABS, PC/ABS, PA

Product Description:  electronics housing, enclosure, inner plastic components

Mold Cavity:  1 cavity, multi cavities

Injection machine: we have 60 to 1600 tons

Mold Cavity Steel: NAK80, 2344, S136, etc.

Tooling Injection System: hot runner, cold runner

Mold Ejection System: pin point gate

Molding Cycle Time: 8 seconds to 1 minute

Mould Life Cycle: from 50000 shots to 1.5 million shots

Lead Time: depends on the process, normally 3 weeks to 6 weeks.

Features: special good at complex structure electronic plastic parts mold making

Injection mold maker for electrical plastic housing, electronics plastic parts, & electrical connector, contactor

We are a plastic Injection mold construction processing manufacturer specializing in electronic product Injection mold construction design, electronic product Injection mold construction manufacturing, electronic product plastic product manufacturing, electronic product plastic shell mold design, electronic product plastic shell processing, mainly including smart home products, household appliances, Small appliance, automobiles, power supplies, communications, security, and medical electronic product development.

Since 2011, provide plastic injection mold making service and injection moulding electronics parts for Europe & America company

For more than 10 years, we have been a trusted partner of our customers. Every year, we manufacture more than 100 sets of electronic plastic Injection mold construction for our customers. The internal precision plastic parts of electronic products have complex geometric shapes, and our Injection mold construction can meet the strict tolerance and high quality of electronic parts.

Our clients have been consulting us since product design to see if the electronic plastic shell and precision internal plastic parts are properly designed and can successfully produce high-quality products.

We provide technical advice, realize your product

The product cannot be successfully molded. Our plastic product engineer is always available to provide you with suggestions. Please send us an email for technical support.

If you don't know which material to choose, just tell us the functional requirements of the product and we will provide the most professional analysis and suggestions. Whether it's UV protection, UL, or anti-microl, we are all very experienced.

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