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Coffee Grinder Hopper Cover Injection Mould

Cavity steel is 2343 ESR, surface high polish finishing 

HanKing Mould has been providing various moulds as Multi Cavity Mold, two-color mould, insert molding, over molding, unscrewing mold, metal injection mold(MIM), as well as silicon mold.


When our engineer receives customer part drawing, they will review the part design to check mould opening possibility means if the mould function is ok. We will also take care of mould structure if it is cost economical as well as injection molding cost in the future. HanKing Mould strives to provide you with most reasonable cost plastic injection mould while meeting all quality requirements of you at the same time.


A plastic injection mold is a first and critical step for producing good quality parts. HanKing understands this and takes a lot of effort to improving our technical knowledge from tight tolerance, tooling fitting, mould assembly, and injection mold trial even to mould delivery, all the serious work is to provide our clients with high technical, and best quality plastic injection mould.

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