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Automotive Plastic Parts
Automotive Plastic Parts
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Automotive Plastic Parts

What are the automotive plastic parts?

Automotive plastic parts include exterior parts, interior parts, and automotive functional parts.

Automotive exterior parts as the name suggests are automobile exterior decoration plastic components, usually includes license plates, wheel covers, linings, scuff strips, door sills, wheel cover trims, radiator grilles, body side skirts, front and rear bumpers.

Automobile exterior plastic parts require weather resistance, safety, high and low temperature cycles, toughness, and aesthetics.

Plastic automotive interior parts involving all aspects of the interior of the car, there are car steering wheel covers; dashboard; seat parts of knobs, guards, headrest conduits; horn cover, main body, armrest, map pocket in the door panel; and column, etc.

For automotive plastic parts of interior, scratch resistance, low organic volatiles, weather resistance, decorative properties, crushing performance, and low burning performance are required.

The advantages of automotive plastic parts are:

good comprehensive physical and chemical properties, light weight, anti-corrosion properties, insulation properties, wear resistance, aging resistance, scrub resistance, processing performance, decorative effect, etc.

What can HanKing do for your automotive plastic parts?

As group companies, we supply complete service from tooling design, mould making to injection molding production. Our factories Yuanfang technology has IATF 16949 certificate.

Send your inquiry to, we professional engineering team is waiting for you.

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