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Injection Moulding Parts
Injection Moulding Parts
  • Injection Moulding Parts

Product name: Injection moulding parts

Plastic material: We are expert in many materials

Tolerance: 0.01-0.02mm

Surface finish: Any surface customers need

Color: Please provide pantone number we can make all colors.

Molding machine range: 60 ton to 1600 ton

Application: Automotive injection molding, appliance parts, electronic plastic case

Inspection: FAI, CPK, IQC, IPQC, OQC.

Place of Origin: Injection moulding parts China

Lead time: Mold making 3-5 weeks, injection molding production 3-15 days depends on quantities

Certification: ISO9001:2015, IATF 16949

Price: It will depends on the cavity and life of mould

Injection moulding parts get from a process which custom molded parts manufacturers to heat the polymer material until it gets enough plastic then forces the melt to flow into a injection mold, after the molten plastic cools down, the plastic molding product is obtained. Then remove the injection molded parts from the mold cavity by robot, or the injection molding parts will be dropped automatically, and sometimes also will be taken by hand. The way of taking out the injection moulding parts depends on many aspects, including the structure of the product and the cost of the injection mold. At the beginning of the design, our designer will design the mold according to the customer's requirements.

At HanKing Mould, our application of injection mold tooling covers many industries, including:

Consumer Electronics

Home appliances

Medical products

Automotive parts

Aerospace & Security

Precision instrument

Please contact us for your new project at Injection Mold Tooling, just send your product design to, we will sign NDA and keep your project confidential.

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