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Plastic Closure Mould
Plastic Closure Mould
  • Plastic Closure Mould

Plastic Closure Mould mrm0441

HanKing Mould is an ISO9001: 2015 certificated factory focusing on developing and manufacturing a two-shot plastic closure mould for household products.

HanKing Capabilities: 

  1. Please Injection Mould Design for two-shot plastic cap & closure.

  2. Mould manufacturing for two shot injection mold.

  3. Mold trial and injection molding for two-shot plastic molds.

Mould Name: Plastic Closure Mould

Part Material: Product Size 

Product Description: Handle closure

Mould Cavity:  

Mould Size:

Mould Cavity Steel:

Mould Injection System:  

Mould Ejection System:   

Mould Cycle Time:  

Mould Life Cycle:    

Lead Time:   

Mould Features:

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