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Coffee Machine Piston Mould
Coffee Machine Piston Mould
  • Coffee Machine Piston Mould
  • Coffee Machine Mould 4917-2a

Coffee Machine Piston Mould

Plastic piston for world famous Coffee Machine company, HanKing can build all size of plastic injection mould for home appliance and household industry, no matter single or multi cavity mould, simple or very complex structure plastic mold and tooling.

Mould Name:Coffee Machine Piston Mould

Part Material:PP 40% Mineral

Product Size:71.89*30.83*27.7mm

Product Description: Plastic piston housing for Coffee Machine

Mould Cavity:  1cavity

Mould Size: 400*400*563mm

Mould Cavity Steel: 2343ESR

Mould Injection System: one Hot Tip mold master

Mould Ejection System: Hydraulic core puller

Mould Cycle Time: 500,000

Mould Life Cycle: 42s

Lead Time: 45 working days

Mould Features: 4sliders, 4 different locations, 2step core puller

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