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Custom Plastic Molding
Custom Plastic Molding
  • Custom Plastic Molding

Custom Plastic Molding

Product Type: Plastic parts for kids’ electric toothbrush

Production Material: ABS

No of Cavities: 2 cavities

Mould Material: Steel

Shrinkage: 1.005

Surface: A2

Type of gating: Banana gate

Lead time: 4 weeks

Tooling life: 500,000

Export to: America

What is Custom Plastic Molding?

When it comes to custom plastic molding, it means customized plastic injection molding.

It is not easy to find a good custom plastic molding factory.

HanKing Mould has all the elements of an excellent custom plastic injection molding factory.

Unlike many plastic injection molding companies in China, HanKing Mould does not need to source molds from other injection mold factories, we are an excellent precision injection mold maker, this means that we can have a good grasp of the early development lead time and provide stable quality, because we don't need to spend time and energy dealing with customers and mold suppliers.

In HanKing Mould, we have sophisticated machines, excellent designers, experienced technicians, project managers who are good at communication, serious and responsible quality engineers.

Contact HanKing, send RFQ, we will keep your project information confidential.

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