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Soft Prototype Mold
Soft Prototype Mold
  • Soft Prototype Mold
  • Prototype Mould

Soft Prototype Mold 01375-1

Mould Name: Prototype Mould/ Soft Mould

Part Material: PP/PC/ABS/POM/PA6

Mould Cavity: 1 cavity or 1+1+1 family mould

Mould Size: small and medium tool

Mould Injection System: cold runner

Mould Ejection System: ejector pin

Mould Cycle Time: 20seconds to 50seconds

Mould Life Cycle: 10K to 50K

Delivery/Lead Time: 2 weeks or 3 weeks

Mould Features: fast lead time, soft steel, the validation function

Mold Maker: HanKing Mould Engineering Ltd.

Don't worry about confidential work, we have made thousands of plastic injection moulds for our global clients, and quite a lot of prototype molds are made before production moulds, normally we scratch these prototype molds when clients don't need them and take a video of the destruction process. 

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