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Consumer Parts Plastic Mold
Consumer Parts Plastic Mold
  • Consumer Parts Plastic Mold

Consumer Parts Plastic Mold

Description: Plastic Valve 3 Plate Mould

Tolerance: +-0.01mm

Surface: SPI A2 & VDI 3400

Part material: PPO food grade

Shrinkage: 0.6%

Cavity steel: ASSAB 8407


HanKing Mold Tolerances

Plates and Mold Base Components: ± 0.013 mm (± 0.0005 in)

Cavity components: ± 0.005 mm (± 0.0002 in)


HanKing Mould strives to provide you with most reasonable cost plastic injection mould while meeting all quality requirements of you at the same time.

Common plastic injection mould steel:  ASSAB, LKM, FINKL STEEL, ThyssenKrupp, Buderus, Schmolz Bickenbach AG, Daido Steel, ALCOA, AMPCO.

The normal plastic resin brand: BASF, EMS, Bayer, GE plastics, Poly source, Dupont, Solvay, Sabic, LG, Dow, Asahi Kasei, Yuntianhua, Chimei, etc.

Hot runner brand: Husky, Yudo, Synventive, Moldmasters, Incoe hot runner, Mastip, Ewikon.

Plastic mould standard component: Hasco, DME, Progressive, Merkle, Misumi, Meusburger, Parker, Honeywell, Staubli, Allen Bradley.


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