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Plastic gear injection molding
Plastic gear injection molding
  • Plastic gear injection molding

Prodcut name: Plastic gear injection molding

Product Material: Plastic, PA or POM

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China

Part range: Gear injection mold, plastic mold for gear transmission system

Mould life: 100K to 1Million shots

Cavity number: 4 cavities

Mould material: 718H, 2344, S136, 8407, P20, S7, etc. 

Runner: Hot Runner / Cold Runner

Certification: ISO9001:2015

Mould base: HASCO, DME, LKM, etc.

Machine: 200 ton injection molding machine

Application: Injection Molding For Household, Automotive, Industrial, Appliance, Electrical, etc.

Price: $8000.00

Gear injection molding manufacturing details:

In the process of gear molding, the alignment of the mold and cavity holes is crucial. It is recommended to use interlocking devices between molds to eliminate loose fits in the guide system. Air quenched steel is preferred over oil quenched steel because it has high dimensional stability during heat treatment. In addition, for tight tolerance design, it is recommended to use steel with higher carbon content (to achieve higher overall hardness) and higher chromium content (to achieve better wear resistance). To better control tolerances, it is recommended to use a combination of H-13 or A-2 steel and D-2 steel in other high wear areas of the gate core, core rod, and components.

Cooling is crucial for tolerance control during the process of plastic gear injection molding.

A uniform temperature must be maintained throughout the entire mold to allow the material to contract at a uniform and controlled rate. Uneven shrinkage can lead to differences in dimensional tolerances. It is best to use a three plate mold with a naturally balanced runner system to achieve tight tolerance gear molding.

Advantages of gear transmission systems:

Plastic gears have many advantages that metal gears do not have. Compared to metal gears, they are lighter in weight, have less inertia, and have lower noise during operation. Plastic gears usually do not require lubrication, or internal lubricants such as PTFE or silicone oil can be added. Plastic gears usually have lower unit costs than metal gears, and other assembly performance can be considered when designing. In addition, these gears can also be used in many corrosive environments.

1. The instantaneous transmission ratio is constant, and the working stability is high;

2. Adopting non circular gears, the instantaneous transmission ratio can be designed according to the required variation pattern;

3. The range of transmission ratio variation is large, especially when using planetary transmission, the transmission ratio can reach 100-200 single stage, suitable for deceleration or acceleration transmission;

4. Wide speed range, the circumferential speed of the gear can transmit power from V5, with a large range and high load-bearing capacity;

6. High transmission efficiency, especially for cylindrical gear pairs with high accuracy, the efficiency can reach η= Above 0.99;

7. Compact structure, such as using planetary transmission, small tooth difference transmission, or harmonic gear transmission, can make the components smaller and become coaxial transmission;

8. Easy maintenance.

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