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Adapter Mould
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Adapter Mould 496-2

Mould Name: Adapter Charger Housing Mould

Part Material: PC

Product Size: 58.2*57.9*20.15mm

Product Description: Adapter Charger Housing UK

Mould Cavity: 2 Cavities

Mould Size:   300*350*358 MM

Mould Cavity Steel: ASSAB8407

Mould Injection System: 3 Plate mould w/ point gate

Mould Ejection System:  Ejector Pin

Mould Cycle Time: 26's

Mould Life Cycle: 500,000  

Lead Time: 60days

Mould Features: 4 lifters

As a plastic injection mould manufacturer in China, provide high precision adapter Injection Mold to the global customer, most moulds in HanKing are exported to Europe and the United States.

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