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Project Management

Project Management

At HANKING there are a Project Manager and a Project Engineer assigned for every project.

The Project Manager is responsible for the project from initial discussions with customer representatives until the project is successfully completed.

For the customer this means One Project–One Contact.


Team Discussions

Round-Tables at crucial project stages for the project's success.

(Project Kick-Off, DFM, Mould Design, Mould Trial Result, Modifications)

The Project Engineer is responsible for the technical side of each project. He delegates the work to the different departments and is in close contact with the Project Manager.

The customer gets weekly updates about the project status.


Before Injection Mould Delivery, our project manager will make a tooling check to ensure our molds go to customer in good status and quality.

  1. Bar and eye bolts installed, securing device available.

  2. Single transport cavity and core side possible transport bar balanced.

  3. Clamping slots or clamp plates available.

  4. Tool marking accordance with customer tool norm.

  5. All cooling connections are marked, according to tool norm

  6. All oil and air connections are marked, according to tool norm.

  7. Edges for disassembly available.

  8. Lubricate all guides. Oil grooves attached.

  9. With all spring-mounted molds, is there any effective control of the spring?

  10. Ejector system works well (smoothly moving by hand, better let a lady have a try)

  11. Sufficient threads for eyebolts available.

  12. The guide pillars are longer than the inclined pillars.

  13. All screws tightened.

  14. Ejector way to be stamped into the mold and tested.

  15. The diameter of the locating ring is according to specification.

  16. Nozzle radius R15.5mm / 40mm.

  17. Pillar inlet all bolt slider rounded.

  18. No sharp edges, all parts with chamfer.

  19. The transitions in the sprue mostly are rounded.

  20. The sprue bush is polished lengthwise.

  21. All gates are equally large measurement reports that exists.

  22. Cavity number marking is made according to customer requirements.

  23. Recycling symbols available according to specification.

  24. Date stamp available, according to specification, the correct date must be adjusted.

  25. Air slots and vent holes available.

  26. Cavity surface according to drawing.

  27. Length of ejector and rebound tested.

  28. Safety slider and ball catch are correctly positioned.

  29. Pre-loading at interlocking available, single side gap 0.01mm.

  30. Flash must be removed after grinding of the parting plane.

  31. Parting line checked.

  32. High gloss surface checked.

  33. Part picks up with robot possible

  34. Gate deforming automatically.

  35. Shrinkage checked.

  36. Slider with safety mechanism.

  37. All cooling connections must be labeled, according to the client's tool norm.

  38. Cooling diagram and water flow report present.

  39. Water connectors are correct according to the norm of customers.

  40. Cooling connections are located at the opposite or bottom of operation side.

  41. Hydraulic pipelines must be firmly connected or tubed to tool internal.

  42. Check function of the cylinders(ways/locking device)

  43. Cylinder connections are in accordance with customers’ requirements.

  44. Check limit switch: position / setting / function.

  45. Electrical connections according to customers’ tool norm.

  46. Hydraulic cylinder with switches.

  47. Two complete shot with sprue.

  48. Interchangeable elements and inserts according to requirements.

  49. Assembly accessories according to arrangement.

  50. Providing with adjusting data.

  51. Electrodes are well packed, ready for dispatch and labeled with tool number.

  52. Injection machine adjusting parameter data documented.

  53. Electrical diagram is available.

  54. Sample inspection report, FOT, Final run …… documented.

  55. Two complete sets of tool drawings.

  56. Current CAD data (2D and 3D) on CD-ROM

  57. Tool datasheet completely filled out and signed.

  58. Checklist Injection moulds complete filled and signed.

  • injection-mould-check-before-delivery4.jpg
  • injection-mould-check-before-delivery3.jpg
  • injection-mould-check-before-delivery2.jpg
  • injection-mould-check-before-delivery1.jpg
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