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Electrical plastic enclosure custom injection moulding
Electrical plastic enclosure custom injection moulding
  • Electrical plastic enclosure custom injection moulding

Electrical bottom enclosure for outdoor weatherproof powerpoint

Electrical plastic enclosure custom injection moulding

We are plastic injection mould manufacturer not trading company.

Our service: Plastic parts structure optimise service, plastic injection mold design service, injection mould making service, injection moulding products mass production.

It's a 2 cavities plastic injection mould for outdoor outlets bottom housing.

Mould life is 1 million shot cycles.

This electrical bottom enclosure is made from PC material with quality fire resistant and UV stable standard.

Surface treatment: VDI/SPI.

Surface of this housing is polish, we can also provide matt surface if customer require.

Tolerance: 0.01-0.02mm.

Color: Customer provide pantone number, we can make all colors.

Certification: ISO9001:2015, IATF 16949.

Price of the injectio mould: $5000-$20000 depends on cavity number and mould life.

Injection moulding products feature: Outdoor outlets cover have waterproof, splash proof, and dustproof functions, and are widely used in bathrooms, living rooms, balconies, etc.

The weatherproof plastic shell can protect the socket from outdoor factors such as rain, soil, dust, and snow.

The bottom shell is made of high-quality PC raw materials, with glossy surface, fire protection, and sun protection. The entire bottom shell and surface shell have no sense of breakage, sharp edges, or shrinkage. The technical requirements for this custom plastic injection moulding electrical enclosure are that there must be no defects such as flash, insufficient injection molding, flow lines, air holes, warping deformation, silver lines, cold materials, spray lines, etc. The requirements for mold production are quite high, with high fit, high accuracy, and beautiful appearance without defects.

As injection mold company in China, our advantages

One stop solution for plastic parts
Appearance design
Senior designers with over 10 years of industry experience provide consulting services
Product structureMaterial, feel, color matching, reasonable evaluation, optimization of product structure, and provision of solutions
Mold design
Optimize product structure and mold placement based on product appearance, function, size requirements, appearance requirements, assembly requirements
Mold manufacturingThe factory has all the equipment internally and can guarantee fast delivery time
Injecton moldingA professional injection molding team with complete single and dual color injection molding machines, auxiliary equipment, and robotic arms
Project managementExcellent project engineer, design engineer, proficient in English, able to communicate directly with clients
Special experienceOver the past decade, we have focused on exporting injection molds and plastic parts

Custom injection moulding process

  1.  Analyze the product injection moulding process, mold structure, and injection molding manufacturing process to ensure that the mold life meets customer applicable requirements.

  2. Design a complete injection mould structure and machined components, and propose assembly requirements and injection molding process requirements.

  3. Thoroughly analyze the appearance quality defects of plastic parts (such as shrinkage, deformation, etc.) or mold structure problems (such as parting surface, gate, ejection method, etc.) before injection mold manufacturing, and propose corresponding improvement measures.

  4. After the mold drawing complete, provide the mold production schedule to the customer and send weekly processing photos and updated plans to the customer.

  5. After the mold production is completed, a trial mold is conducted. During the trial mold, 2D product drawings and plastic property tables should be printed to produce plastic parts that meet the 2D product drawings and customer requirements.

  6. Test samples and provide FAI size reports for injection molded products.

  7. After receiving the sample, the customer will propose modifications, and half of them can be transported to the customer after one or two modifications.

  8. Before mold transportation, a trial production, 4-hour or 6-hour trial injection molding process is usually conducted to ensure smooth mold production and provide CPK size reports.

  9. When transporting molds to customers, a complete set of mold document will be provided, including product drawings, mold drawings, part drawings, cooling drawings, injection molding parameters, and maintenance advice manuals.

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