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Household Plastic Parts
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Household Plastic Parts

Part function:  wine preserver plastic components

Part tolerance DIN 16742:2013

Surface Finish: VDI 3400

Part material: Tritan

Shrinkage: 0.5%

Cavity steel:  2344ESR

This mold is made for Europe customer, the product surface is very important, we should take note of texture, welding lines, and good cooling to prevent shrinkage, the whole project moulds were designed and first of mould trial in less than 5 weeks.

In HanKing Mould, we always support customers the best in time and quality. With our excellent tool making the experience, please be assured your plastic parts will be put into production quickly and perfectly.

We have experience in a wide range of plastic parts and engineering resins. Our engineers understand how much each resin affects your plastic molding parts. Our plastic materials knowledge allows us to resize the mold to ensure that the parts are correct for the first time. The in-house tool manufacturing capabilities help you easily develop molded parts. If happened to require tool adjustments or repairs, a faster turnaround will be provided with our in-house tool shop, that your parts production time is ensured.

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