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Injection Molding Products
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What is the material of injection molding products?

As the name suggests, the material of injection molding products is plastic, HanKing Mould has rich experience with different kind of plastic material, ABS, PC, PP, POM, PA, PBT, PE, TPE, TPU, PMMA, PCTG, PEEK, PPS, etc.

How the injection molding product is produced?

That is the plastic raw material melted by the injection molding machine and then enters the injection mold to be formed, cooled and then taken out from the mold.

What are the applications of injection molding products?

Communications, home appliances, electronics, automobile (motorcycle) accessories, kitchen utensils, medical supplies, cosmetic tools, construction, aerospace and defense cutting-edge and other fields of the national economy.

Features of injection molding products

The manpower required is relatively small, because the current technology can already achieve full semi-automatic or even full-automatic production.

Standardized products, because injection products are continuously produced by a mold, the products produced are of the same standard, and the failure rate is low.

The low cost is also due to the characteristics of repeated production, which makes the cost of injection molding products lower, but this depends on the quality of the mold.

High-quality molds can be produced without interruption for a long time, and there is no need to interrupt production due to the need for repairs.

Hanking mould with 20 years of injection mold manufacturing experience, please contact us for a free analysis and quotation of your injection molding products.

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