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POM gear mould, is only one of the similar products we made for Europe customers. The mould is 4 cavities, short cycle time, urgent T1 schedule, HanKing finished the first of trial in 4 weeks. lead time. For POM products, we should take care of the heavy shrinkage, the mould is required good cooling system.


HanKing provides plastic precision injection mold and molding parts for global clients. Located in Shenzhen China, we HanKing Mould is high quality and reasonable price plastic injection molders and plastic molding company, 80% products and molds are exported to American & Europe, 10% molds are delivered to other countries and10% moulds are supplied to domestic clients. Based on our more than 10 years of cooperation with our global clients, we got a lot of experience and knowledge from customers.


We are good at small and medium-size precision plastic molds, that’s because our machine capabilities are just covering all process with small & medium size plastic moulds, our project managers and engineers have abundant experience to control cost based on last ten years experiences. Another reason is the good relationship with material & component suppliers, we have a stable relationship with our clients, continuously order make HanKing keep good relation with suppliers so we can get fast and costly material.

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