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What information is required for a quotation? How many days does it take to quote a project?

2D or 3D plastic part drawing should be provided. Normally we need 3 working days to quote a new mold project, if customers need the complete plastic mold quotation urgently, tell us, we can provide the quotation very soon.

What's the payment condition in HanKing Mould?

New customer for Mould: T/T, 40% Deposit with P.O., 30% upon First Trial Sample, 30% prior to shipment or after samples approval for prototype/production mold stays in HanKing.

Mould modification: 100% Upon Sample approval.

Part molding: 50% after PO confirmed, 50% after production finished.

VIP customer special term: to be negotiated

What's lead-time for a plastic mould or project?

The lead-time to first trial sample is calculated from receipt/approval of final drawings, deposit and mold design approval. And the difficulty of the mold determines how much time is needed.

Will HanKing send DFM to customer?

Yes, HanKing Mould will make DFM analysis and even mold flow prior to the start of mold construction.

Will HanKing send mould design for approval?

HanKing Mould will not start steel-cut before getting customer's approval of mould design in writing.

How many plastic samples will be free provided?

Frist Trial Shotting Samples: normally we would provide to our clients 10~20 shots samples together with gate (if have) free of charge according to the size of parts, it is freight collect.

Which side provides plastic resin for mould trial?

HanKing can provide plastic resin, for some special and engineer plastic resin, we will ask customer to send. And selected plastic resin material data sheet shall be supplied by the customer.

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