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What are the Characteristics of Mould CNC Machining?

What are the Characteristics of Mould CNC Machining?

1. High precision of mould processing

CNC machine tools for machining precision mould are produced and processed according to the command of data conversion. At present, the single pulse of CNC machine tools is widely up to 0.001mm. Therefore, CNC machine tools can achieve high machining accuracy.

2. High level of automation technology

The production and processing of mould parts by CNC machine tools are fully automated based on the pre-compiled program flow. Regarding CNC operation machine, in addition to the placement of perforated tape or the actual operation of the computer keyboard, loading and unloading of porters, the central inspection of important procedures and the inspection of CNC lathe operation, there is no need to carry out complex repetitive manual production. Labor efficiency and anxiety levels can be greatly alleviated. Besides, CNC machine tools generally have good safety precautions, automatic milling, automatic refrigeration and automatic wetting equipment, which make worker’s standards improved dramatically.

3. High production efficiency

The transformation range of the rotation speed ratio and cutting speed of the spindle bearing of the CNC machine tool is larger than that of the general CNC lathe. Therefore, each procedure of CNC machine tools adopts beneficial cutting usage. The CNC machine tool has a good structural rigidity, which allows the development of the large cutting amount of ultra-strong cutting, and it improves the cutting output power of the CNC machine tool and saves the time of mould processing.

Basically, there is no need to adjust the CNC lathe again when the CNC machine tool disassembles and changes the mould to process the parts. Therefore, it saves the time of installing and adjusting the parts. The production and processing quality of the CNC machine tool is stable. In general, only the first sample inspection and the quality inspection of important specifications between processes should be done. In this way, the shutdown detection time is saved.

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