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What is Precision Injection Molding

What is Precision Injection Molding

Precision injection moulding refers to an injection moulding method that the dimension repetition accuracy of injection moulded products is very high so that it is difficult to meet the requirements by using general injection moulding machine and conventional injection moulding process.

The concept of precision injection moulding is mainly different from conventional injection moulding. It is based on the rapid development of polymer materials. In the field of instrumentation and electronics, precision plastic parts are used instead of high precision metal parts.

At present, there are two defining indexes for precision injection products, one is the repeat precision of product size, the other is the repeat precision of product quality.

Due to the different nature and processing technology of various materials, the precision of plastic parts can not be equated with that of metal parts.

Precision injection moulding is a comprehensive technology involving raw material performance, formulation, moulding technology, and equipment.

Precision plastic products produced by precision molding companies include DVD digital compact disc, DVD laser head, digital camera parts, computer connectors, light guide plate, aspheric lens, and other precision products. The remarkable characteristics of these products are not only high dimensional accuracy requirements but also high internal quality and product rate requirements.

The mould of the forming product is an important condition to decide whether the product produced by the precision molding company can meet the design requirements of dimensional tolerance. The precision injection machine is the key equipment to ensure that the product is always formed within the required tolerance range and to ensure a very high yield. The highest precision level of plastic products is three grades.

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