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Top Plastic Mould Manufacturers in China

Top Plastic Mould Manufacturers in China

Plastic mould is a tool for producing plastic products. With the rapid development of plastic industry and the continuous improvement of engineering plastics in strength, many products originally made of metal are replaced by plastic products. For example, the proportion of plastic products is increasing rapidly in many fields, such as instruments, household appliances, automobile industry, medical equipment, agricultural equipment, construction equipment, daily hardware, living furniture, etc. Because many traditional metal parts can be replaced by a reasonably designed plastic part, plastic products play an important role in today's industrial products, living electronics and medical fields. In recent years, China's industry has witnessed rapid development and the demand for mould products has increased. With the strong support of the market and the country, China has formed a complete mold industry chain, such as the mould industry chain in the  Pearl River Delta which is represented by precision molds and the large-scale daily necessities bucket and basket mold industry chains in Jiangsu and Zhejiang . Many mould manufacturers take this opportunity to accumulate experience and grow. In 2022, the output of moulds in China was 25.25 million sets, up 5% year-on-year; The market size of the industry was RMB343 billion, up 5.73% year-on-year. At the same time, with the improvement of mold design and manufacturing technology of China mold manufacturers, more and more molds are exported to other countries. In 2022, the export trade of China's mould industry amounted to US$ 6.16 billion, up 5.12% year-on-year.

Overview Of China's Plastic Mould Manufacturing Industry

The major application areas of China's mould products are concentrated in the automotive, electronics, IT, and home appliance industries. With the dual upgrading of consumption and manufacturing, the arrival of "Made in China 2025" era, and the increasing demand for moulds from all walks of life, mould manufacturers in China have become more outstanding in terms of processing efficiency and  precision.

From the development, design and production of moulds to the management of the enterprise, mould manufacturers in China have strong competitiveness and high cost performance, which are embodied in the following aspects:

(1)The shorter delivery time reflects the advantages of China's mould technology and the matching ability of the mould industry.

(2)The moulds made in China are reasonable in price and good in qualit. The quality of professionals who make moulds is better than other developing countries, and the cost of hiring professionals is lower than other developed countries.

(3)The new sophisticated equipments give China manufacturers an edge.

(4)Manufacturers in China have a promising future. The rapid development of China's new energy automobile industry and the high demand for home appliances with the improvement of living standards will boost the demand for moulds, thus bringing more opportunities and development to China Mould Factory.

key Players In China's Plastic Mould Manufacturing Industry

As we all know, China has a complete mould industry chain, and all types of moulds can be produced in China's excellent mould factories. Here we introduce some representative manufacturers of various types of moulds, including plastic mould、casting mould、forging mould、stamping mould.

Plastic mould, HanKing Mould Engineering Ltd. ( is a professional tooling maker and plastic injection molding manufacturer. HanKing Mould is equipped with Sodick slow wire cutting machine, FANUC CNC machine, Sodick mirror EDM machine, Okamoto grinding machine, Zeiss CMM, Yizumi injection machine. Their advantageous products include precision electronic contactor housing, home appliance plastic shells, and automotive interior plastic parts, especially in plastic parts with high tolerance requirements. They have provided services for European and American customers for precision complex injection molds, two-color molds, multi-cavity molds and insert molds.

Casting mould, Guangdong Qixinmould Ltd. ( is one of the large die-casting mould manufacturers in the Pearl River Delta region. The main advantage products are large-scale and high-precision die casting dies for automobile industry, such as automobile cylinder block, variable shell and shell separation, steering gear, oil pan and magnesium alloy steering wheel.

Forging mould is uesd in forging process. The raw materials are plastically deformed in the forging die under the action of external force, so as to obtain parts with required shapes and sizes. Zhejiang Jiangxin Electromechanical Co., Ltd. ( focus on forging industry for 33 Years, Janxin has passed ISO 9001:2008 quality management system, ISO_TS 16949:2002 quality management system, they company has CNC processing center; FP600 hot die forging, J55 high-energy screw press 1000T, 1600T; EPC1000T, EPC1600T and other advanced main forging equipment, annual production capacity of more than 50,000 tons of forgings.

Stamping mould is a kind of special process equipment which processes related materials into parts or semi-finished products in cold stamping process. Lucky Harvest Co., Ltd. ( is a well-known stamping moulds manufacturer in China, which provides integrated solutions for precision stamping moulds and metal structural parts for customers such as automotive, communications, electronic and office equipment. At present, LUCKY HARVEST has several oil presses of 2,000 tons and dozens of punch presses of 300 to 2,000 tons. At the same time, Lucky Harvest has advanced equipment such as Japanese Chaduc wire cut cutting machine, high-speed CNC machining center and large gantry CNC machining center.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Plastic Mould Manufacturer In China

What factors should be considered when selecting Chinese mold manufacturers?


Never choose the manufacturer with the lowest price, but consider comprehensively that good equipment and excellent technical members can ensure the quality of the moulds, and the cost of the two will not be particularly low.


Although the certificate is one of the factors to refer to the product quality, it can not fully represent the quality. You can ask the supplier to provide the cooperation list of other customers as a reference or ask the mould manufacturer to ask other customers to prove its quality.

(3)Ability and technology

The best way is to visit the factory on the spot. If you can't visit the factory, you can also learn about the technological process and production equipment of the mold factory through video call.

(4)After-sales service

The workflow of mould manufacturing is complex, if necessary, you can ask other peers about the supplier's delivery date and after-sales service.


This paper introduces different types of mould manufacturer in China and how to select qualified mould suppliers. HANKING MOULD has been dedicated to the manufacturing of precision injection moulds for 20 years and has unique experience in solving the difficult problem of plastic parts with complex structures and improving the appearance of injection parts for customers.

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