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Why Choose HanKing Mould?

Why Choose HanKing Mould?

1. Build the moulds in-house and provide them directly to customers

In order to save cost, we set this factory only make precision mould individual from headquarter, because we are not large mould making and injection molding manufacturer, our work process is not complex but very smooth, this makes our administrative costs lower than our headquarter and other big factories in China. HanKing Mould also has ISO9001-2015 certificate, this ensures quality, and put us on the same level as a larger manufacturer. It is already proved it’s a correct decision to set this individual mould making facility, HanKing mould, as a medium mould making and molding manufacturer, has more advantage on precision mould and low volume injection molding no matter for quality or cost.

2. We have more experience in Europe & America

HanKing Mould already made plastic injection moulds and provided injection molding service for the overseas market over 10 years.

In HanKing Mould, we serve customers as our friends, we not only provide mould and molding service to you, but also help you to reach your goal, HanKing Mould aims at becoming customer reliable plastic injection mould partner and friends.

3. Our engineers are rich-experience in engineering and have good communication skill in English

Most engineers in China injection mould factory, they have no good English skill, our engineers will manage your project from order placement to shipping & after-sales service, they are project manager, in HanKing Mould, all staff from General Manager to Salespersons are assistance to project manager, and project manager provide their professional service to customers.

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