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PC Injection Molding

PC Injection Molding

PC Plastic Material Characteristics

PC is short name for polycarbonate plastic resin, it is a polymer with carbonate group in the molecular chain.

Polycarbonate is colorless and transparent, with good mechanical properties, good dimensional stability, heat resistance, impact resistance, non-toxic, and excellent dielectric properties.

PC shrinkage: 0.5-0.7%.

PC density: 1.18~1.22g/cm3.

Drying temperature of PC material: 100~120°C for polycarbonate injection molding material.

Dry time: 3~4 hours, with sufficient drying temperature and time, the processed products will be good quality.

PC injection molding temperature: the processing barrel temperature is set between 260 and 300, and the processing temperature parameters are adjusted according to the injection molding model (divided into one, two, three or four sections); For the nozzle temperature about 10 lower than the last section.

Mold temperature: between 80 and 120, it is suggested that the higher the melt index of the material, the lower the mold temperature, so as to control the size and better maintain the original physical properties of the raw material.

Which products are used for PC injection molding

PC injection molded parts have a wide range of applications in our life. A lot of plastic housings are produced with PC in HanKing Mould, such as lampshade, electronic switch housing, module cover, battery case, socket panel, camera parts, lens, medical dental parts.


PC Plastic Parts Mould Design

Before making mold for PC products, we need to study the structure of PC plastic parts, and mold-flow analysis is also needed for those with complex structure.

PC plastic parts with simple structure can complete the preliminary design work in a short time, while products with complex structure may need to be discussed for more time, we will work out the best mold design solution until our customer are satisfied.


PC material: Generally, most of PC are modified materials, select corresponding materials according to product functions and characteristics.

Shrinkage: The shrinkage of PC plastic parts varies according to the structure and size of the product. Recommend range in the material data sheet is normally 0.5-0.7%, while we normally take the median value 0.6%.


Mold Cavity: The number of cavities in the mold has a great impact on the plastic injection molding production cost. For low volume plastic products, single cavity mold is the best choice; while for large volume plastic parts, select multi-cavity molds within the size range of the injection molding machine as far as possible.


Mold Type: The type of injection mold determined by the product, some products structure need three plate molds, which can be divided into several points from one gate point, which is very useful for molding; Some simple structure parts will be made with two plate molds, which mainly depends on the product requirements.


Steel of Mold: It will depend on the plastic parts volume, we normally use P20 steel for small quantity products, and use other harden steel if customers have large volume plastic parts injection molding requirements.


Type of Runner: The cost of mold with hot runner is higher, while the production cost of cold runner is increased due to the need for more plastic, so the selection of runner needs to be determined according to customer requirements. In order to improve the production speed, some customers choose to use hot runner, and some customers use cold runner for the aim of saving mould cost. However, no matter whether customers choose cold runner or hot runner, HanKing Mould can guarantee the quality of the mold.


Type of Gate: The gate type depends on the mold type and plastic product structure. The principle is easy to make part fall down and beautiful look.


Injection Molding Machine: Use an injection molding machine that meets the mold size, can help save unnecessary equipment costs and improve PC injection molding parts quality.

HanKing Mould owns 60 tons to 1600 tons of injection molding machines which can produce plastic injection parts from internal small parts to external plastic shells for your project.


PC parts thickness: The minimum wall thickness of PC plastic parts is 1mm, and the maximum thickness shall not exceed 8mm.


Draft Angle: The draft angle can help easy removal when the PC injection molding parts are demoulded. It is a design that allows the plastic products to be easily separated from the injection mold using the ejector pin after the molding is cooled. With a draft angle, as long as the bottom surface is pushed through the ejector pin, it will fall out easily.

Experience is a very important factor to determine the draft angle of a plastic piece, because different plastic parts shape, wall thickness and surface undercut will have more or less impact on the size of the draft angle.

The general rule is that the larger the draft angle is the easier the workpiece is demoulded, the lower the difficulty and cost of mold design, but this must be under the premise of the order allowed by the appearance design specification.

The standard demoulding angle is about 1 °~2 °.

Under certain dimensional accuracy requirements, sometimes 1/2 °~1/4 ° release angle will also be used.


HanKing Mould is a modern enterprise integrating the design and manufacture of plastic injection tooling, over-mold and two-color mould, as well as injection molding production. Main business: injection mold design, mould making processing and manufacturing, plastic injection molding service, painting, printing, assembly, etc. Contact to send your RFQ, we can quote in 24 hours.

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