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Maintenance of Injection Molding Machine

Maintenance of Injection Molding Machine

The injection molding machine can form plastic products with complex appearance, accurate size or dense texture with metal inserts at one time. It is widely used in national defense, electromechanics, automobiles, transportation, building materials, packaging, agriculture, culture and education and people's daily life. The injection molding process has good adaptability to the processing of various plastics, has high production capacity, and is easy to realize automation. Today, with the rapid development of the plastics industry, the parting line plastic injection molding machine occupies an important position no matter in quantity or variety, thus becoming one of the fastest growing and most produced models in plastic machinery.

China's plastic processing enterprises are scattered all over the country, and the technical level of equipment is uneven. The equipment of most processing enterprises needs technical transformation. In the past few years, the technological progress of China's plastic machinery industry has been very significant. In particular, the gap between the technical level of injection molding machines and foreign famous brand products has been greatly reduced, and significant improvements have been made in terms of control level, product internal quality and appearance modeling. Choosing domestic equipment can also produce products with the same quality as imported equipment with a small investment. These have created conditions for the technological transformation of enterprises.

To have good products, you must have good equipment. The wear and corrosion of equipment is a natural law. People who master this law can prevent or reduce the wear and corrosion of equipment, extend the life cycle of equipment, and ensure the integrity of equipment.

To strengthen the use, maintenance and management of plastic machinery, relevant departments in China have formulated relevant standards and detailed implementation rules. The management and use of equipment by all equipment management departments and production enterprises should be scientifically managed, properly used, properly lubricated, carefully maintained, regularly maintained, and planned for maintenance. All equipment management departments and production enterprises should improve the equipment intact rate and keep the equipment in good condition.

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