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High-Precision Mould Design

High-Precision Mould Design

This paper introduces a mould design of thick plate, high strength and high precision, systematically analyzes and calculates the blank size, and expounds the influence of forming, flanging, dimension guarantee, high-precision mould structure design, thick steel plate stamping and flanging process on the dimensional precision of parts. After the mould is manufactured, it is verified by the actual mass production that the forming dimensional accuracy and manufacturing process of the parts meet the requirements, and is suitable for mass production.

The automobile clutch is an important part of the vehicle transmission system, which is generally composed of two parts: the clutch cover assembly and the driven plate assembly. The driven plate assembly is connected to the gearbox input shaft, and the clutch cover assembly is connected to the engine flywheel through bolts. The clutch bears the functions of the power output interruption of the vehicle, coupling, shifting gears and load impact mitigation, and it rotates synchronously with the engine flywheel at high speed during operation. Therefore, the clutch cover is required to have sufficient rigidity and dimensional accuracy. In order to dissipate heat, an appropriate ventilation window must be designed.

At present, the engine power of the heavy truck has reached more than 370kW, and the torque capacity of the clutch is more than 4000 N•m. It requires high structural strength. The shell manufacturing needs to be produced with high-strength thick plates, usually the thickness of clutch steel plate for heavy truck is more than 5 mm. As a high-speed rotating part, the clutch requires high dynamic balance and the assembly matching of the transmission system, so it also requires high dimensional accuracy, and the tolerance is usually less than 0.5mm. The clutch housing has the characteristics of complex structure, compact space, high strength and dimensional accuracy. Due to the high requirements for clutch structural strength and dimensional accuracy, the early heavy truck clutch housing was produced by casting process. With the development of stamping technology, the stamping clutch housing is used to replace the casting housing, which plays a huge advantage in improving production efficiency and reducing costs, and promotes the development of the autonomous clutch. However, due to its high strength requirement, the clutch is formed by thick plate material flanging to achieve the purpose of high strength, light weight and low cost.

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