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Development Trend of Mould Industry in China

Development Trend of Mould Industry in China

In order to adapt to the situation, China's die and mould industry in recent years has accelerated the pace of system reform and mechanism transformation, "three-capital" and private enterprises have occupied the leading position in the industry, the level of equipment and products has been greatly improved, and management has made great progress. Many China mould companies have applied CAD/CAM/CAE integration technology, three-dimensional design technology, ERP and IM3 information management technology, as well as high-speed machining, rapid prototyping, virtual simulation, and network technology. More and more enterprises have passed various quality system certification year by year.

In recent years, the scale effect has been paid more and more attention while the specialization of "small and specialized" is developing continuously. In addition to strengthening and enlarging the enterprises to bring benefits to economies of scale, the cluster production of moulds has been showing its superiority. As a result, various cluster production forms such as "mould city", "mould park", "mould production base" have developed rapidly in China. At present, there are more than 40 enterprises with an annual output of over 100 million yuan, more than 200 enterprises with an annual output of over 30 million yuan, and nearly 50 mould cities (parks) with certain influence. The construction of these mould agglomeration production bases has played a positive role in promoting the development of China's mould industry.

Many China model companies are beginning to realize the importance of "brand" and "patent", and the investment and ability of independent innovation are constantly improving. For a long time, the mould has been in the "rear" and "passive" position, so there are few "brands" and "patent". With the development of the market economy, China Model Company has paid more and more attention to "brand" and "patent" in recent years. Some Chinese model companies have realized the importance of innovation and R&D, and their investment has increased rapidly. According to the information learned by China Mold Industry Association, in recent years, the proportion of investment and sales revenue in innovation and R&D of many China mould companies has reached about 5%, and individual enterprises have even reached 8% to 10%.

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