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Advantages of Chinese Mould Enterprises

Advantages of Chinese Mould Enterprises

China Mould Company has obvious advantages in labor cost and equipment scale. On average, employees of China mould company work more than two hours a day than those of German mould enterprises, and the hourly wages of employees of China mould company are much lower than those of Germany. The hourly rate in the field of design is four times higher in Germany than in China. China mould company also has this advantage in the field of processing and testing.

In addition to the lower labor costs, this competitive advantage is also supported by the large scale of equipment in China Model Company, which can achieve a shorter delivery time. Despite the considerable scale of the equipment, Chinese enterprises continue to invest in new equipment. The average use time of equipment in China is 2-3 years shorter than that in Germany, and many Chinese mould companies have made strategic investments in key technologies of finishing milling. Therefore, the China Model Company has a competitive advantage because of its relatively low hourly salary and large modern equipment park.

Nevertheless, the China Mould Company still has some shortcomings, so we should continue to make efforts to develop our own advantages in all aspects.

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