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What Are the Characteristics of Injection Molding of Plastic Mold?

What Are the Characteristics of Injection Molding of Plastic Mold?

1. The injection molding process of plastic mold is long, and the processing time is short. For injection molding parts, many of them are integrated with other parts and components. This is because of the high requirements for the shape or dimensional accuracy of the products. Also, molding testing and modification are needed due to the different properties of plastic materials.

2. The mold injection processing of plastic mould requires a professional division of labour. The plastic injection moulds require a lot of parts, from the mould base to the thimble. These are not only completed by a single manufacturer, and the processing technology is complicated. Thus, these parts need professional manufacturers to carry out injection molding processing.

3. It requires distributed design and distributed processing. Plastic mould processing is not the ultimate goal. The customer proposes a perfect product design, and the plastic mould manufacturer should design and process plastic moulds based on the user's requirements.

4. The mold cavity and mold core are three-dimensional, the external and internal shapes of the plastic parts are directed formed by the mould cavity and core. These complex three-dimensional processes are difficult, which requires staff with high technical level, many auxiliary fixtures, many cutting tools. Besides, the processing cycle is long.

5. It has high precision and quality requirements. Also, it has long service life requirements. High-precision injection molding processing of plastic mould adopts an inlaid or fully assembled structure, which requires highly on the processing precision of its parts.

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